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What you must understand about me is that I am a deeply unhappy person.

Trigger warning.



  • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls
  • it’s okay for you to like skinny girls with big boobs and a butt
  • it’s okay for you to like curvy girls
  • it’s okay for you to like heavier girls
  • it’s totally okay to like thighs or thigh gaps and big boobs or small boobs and big butts or little butts
  • what’s not okay is telling a woman that she isn’t beautiful or sexy because she doesn’t meet your personal body type preferences

 Everyone needs to reblog this.

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yas bitch yasss

Anonymous said: You're like one of the prettiest girls I've ever seen. You shouldn't feel bad about yourself okay bc that winged eyeliner slays and your hair is on point yo. I hope your day has been/will be great! x

God bless you sweetheart!! This has cheered me in no end!!! Xx

Anonymous said: don't forget the blanket on tuesday qt

Blanket is packed!! Xx



I’m horrible


i think my parents need to move out

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one part of me wants to plaster my walls with posters and get piercings and dye my hair blue and wear band shirts but another wants to wear dresses and skirts and frills and lace and write poetry on rainy days in old coffee shops i’m so conflicted