Amy. 15. U.K

Trying to stop loving beautiful people who will never love me back.

Possibly the palest person you will ever meet.

May or may not have a small obsession with American horror story.

Tracks you-were-the-fault-in-my-stars.

Trigger warning.


I was kind of hoping I’d be somebody by now.

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Anonymous said: Your beautiful you know that...

I’m really not but thank you :) x


Out with Lil, the hooker.

Borneo expedition


I don’t think any of you know about this but I am traveling to Borneo on Wednesday. About 13 of us are going out there to do some community work for around 3 weeks, which means that I won’t have access to my blog for that amount of time, but if any of you want to send me some messages for when I’m out there or for when I get back it would be amazing! :D

Anonymous said: Why are you always depressed xx


Because I have depression.


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